Every morning inside our facility, you can enjoy a delicious and fresh breakfast based on yogurt, new local and seasonal fruit, unique jams, biscuits, and more. Always attentive to our customers by giving them what they need to face their day with energy inside our terrace or garden.

Roof Aperitivo

At the end of your intense day, there is nothing better than enjoying an excellent glass of wine in front of a spectacular sunset. The roof area, as well as the numerous terraced areas overlooking the sea, equipped with soft cushions, is available to our customers to fully enjoy this pleasant moment in serenity with a breathtaking view.

Food & Wine tastings

With our tastings, we offer you the opportunity to learn more about the island's food and wine culture while immersed in nature.
Admire vineyards while sipping wines, tasting olive oils, caper patè, and other typical dishes of the Pantelleria tradition to make the experience of your stay unique. Events are held, also for company gatherings, with different themed possibilities.

Boat & Sailing Excursions

Pantelleria boasts unspoiled beauty. Its coasts are among the most beautiful in the world, that's why our structure offers boat tours of the island to our guests to have a 360 ° experience.
These island tours, (made by our partner associations), consist of visiting the fascinating seaside spots of the island. There will be opportunities to stop for a fresh and relaxing break or even with a lunch on board.

Trek & Nature

Guests can admire the wild and unspoiled nature of the island also while trekking the ancient hidden dirt paths, another incomparable experience to do. These are landscape routes that allow you to stroll through the most remote spots of Pantelleria, discovering every little corner of this paradise. Of different intensity and distance, these natural paths are never too busy and are visited as part of customized packages and according to your needs, via our partner associations.

Scuba Diving Club

Immerse yourself in the suggestive underwater locations of the island of Pantelleria. Our facility offers, through our partner association, classes and scuba diving in different parts of the island to meet the needs of the participants, whether they are more experienced or novice enthusiasts.
Visit the organisation page at or Contact Us.

Music Events

Our structure also hosts musical events and Yoga. Ideal location for the realization of this type of event thanks to the large outdoor spaces with a unique atmosphere, we can host musical events of various kinds, including live bands and group/individual Yoga activities, through our partner associations.

Outdoor Cinema

On warm summer evenings, there is nothing better than watching a good movie outdoors under a sky full of stars. Surrounded by a natural scenario, our Dammuso hosts evenings dedicated to good cinema and documentaries, themed nights, for a moment of peaceful sharing.