The Estate

The Terrace

Our spacious and sunny terrace colored in bright antique pink offers to our guests comfortable deck chairs to relax under the gentle sun and the refreshing salty breeze of Pantelleria.
This is the perfect spot for having our delicious Pantescan breakfast, or for admiring the sun fading away and the views of the Milky Way, all complemented by a glass of red local wine.

The Garden

Our garden, built as per centuries of tradition, hosts two very fragrant lemon and tangerine trees.
"U Iardino Pantisco" (in free translation ‘‘The Pantescan Garden’’) is a traditional circular structure, wholly made of dry stone, mainly built by farmers as a shelter from the wind blowing on the island and to encourage plant growth. The structure has small entrances and high walls, which give the landscape a picturesque, Mediterranean atmosphere.
Our garden is one of the largest on the island, offers refreshment and protection from the wind, and you can have breakfast or dinner surrounded by nature and citrus trees.

The Roofs

Among the things to do absolutely in Pantelleria, there is undoubtedly sipping a good glass of Zibibbo, possibly laying between the domed roofs while admiring one of the many beautiful sunsets.
Our Roofs are an outdoor space available to all our guests, which you can easily access the various access stairs located around the structure. The white domes are an excellent place to relax at any time of day, from morning to enjoy the sun, until late in the evening when the sun sets for a romantic aperitif, through our on-site service.


Surrounded by our vineyards, the Estate has over 1.5 hectares of vineyards with some grapes older than 50 years. The Pantescan vineyard has its basis on the ancient cultivation method called "Alberello Pantesco", which became the heritage of UNESCO in 2014. It is a process that involves placing the plant in a basin to maintain the necessary humidity and protect it from the wind.
Our guests can admire these incredible terraces by walking along the Estate tracks for hundreds of meters, among the vineyards, capers, and ancient olive trees.

Olive Trees

Pantelleria agriculture and landscape characterises on three main crops: grapes (Zibibbo or Muscat of Alessandria, cultivated on the island for millennia), capers, and olive trees. They give color and uniqueness to the landscape, and on our farm, there are hundreds of dwarf olive trees, some of which are centuries old. On the island, Olive trees are very peculiar because of their "dwarf" form, which naturally maintains a height of about only 120-150 cm. The olives, after the tiring manual harvest during the autumn, are transformed after several procedures into a product with an inimitable density and aroma, the Pantescan olive oil.

Outdoor Kitchen/Oven/BBQ

Inside Horizon Pantelleria, you can find the outdoor kitchen equipped with a stone oven built according to traditional techniques and materials, two barbecue stations, and an outdoor kitchen. All this to create delicious refreshments to accompany your Aperitif or amazing local meals, as well as for tastings and food-themed nights, including serving fresh local fish.

Swimming Pool

Work in Progress

The Spa

Work in Progress